A brief history

I have been using communication technologies for almost as long as I can remember. I suppose it all began with my first mobile phone. Apart from that my first online experience with communication technologies was of course Hotmail’s email service. When I was just a young boy one of my oldest friends guided me through the process of setting up a Hotmail account. This of course inevitably lead to my first attempt at social media interaction: MSN. A program I accessed and used religiously after school hours throughout most of my primary school years. Thus began my social media and communication technology evolution. From Android to iPhone; from Myspace to Facebook. I made friends with people I had never met over Xbox Live. It wasn’t until years later that I began to question the impact of social media and communication technologies on my life. The Snowden incident of 2013 was a particularly huge eye opener. After 2014 I started to slowly retreat from social media and began to value interpersonal communication more. This withdrawal was supported by the belief that if people really did want to interact with me they would have to communicate with me using alternative, more personal lines of communication that wouldn’t effortlessly remind them of my birthday or import events in my life. I would, and they would, have to seek out personal information rather than have it handed out on silver platters. This made my life feel more valued and highlighted those few people who were willing to go to some effort to interact with me. Privacy is a primary concern when interacting with all forms of communication technologies as I am well aware that all my personal information is accessible to anyone at any time for any reason and I prefer this to be exploited as least as possible. I would ultimately prefer it not to happen at all but such an ideal is unrealistic until more people demand change to methods of gathering and disseminating personal, public and private information.


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