As poverty goes hand in hand with war. Social media goes hand in hand with…

Internet addiction!

What a silly concept. Addicted. To the internet! Ha! As if…

I mean yeah, I have a Facebook account. I have a twitter account. I’ll admit I’ve even had Myspace and MSN. Social media is the best way to connect to friends. I have my computer at home, my laptop for uni, my Xbox with Xbox live and I don’t go anywhere without my phone. Everybody needs Instagram. But sometimes instagram isn’t good enough and that’s what my Tumblr and Flickr accounts are for. This wordpress account is for more official blogging. My Gmail account keeps everything organised. It links all my emails. My social email with my work email with my other social email with my uni email with….my other email that I created when I was twelve. I need my Youtube account to be a famous vlogger… What’re you talking about? Of course it’s a career option. Especially in this day and age. I have enough experience. If you don’t believe me then you can check my Linkedin profile. I’d also say I’m a fairly private person. Yeah, sure, people have access to my photos, a list of my friends, my videos, my contact details, I post my location all the time, they can look at everything I’ve ever done online. But it’s still all MY stuff… isn’t it? I wouldn’t know. I don’t really read terms and service agreements. They’re harmless anyway.   

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