Be Different

If you’re worried about finishing university with nothing but a degree to show for those thousands of hours worth of study (like hundreds of other students who will be competing with you for a career), then set yourself ahead of the pack with a portfolio of all your tedious work. Prove to everyone that you’re not just anyone by displaying your unique work in a unique way: via a timeline….

With tikitoki you’re able to link a timeline you’ve made with a blog you’ve created. A blog consisting of all your tactful, specifically chosen pieces of work. Because sometimes a blog just isn’t enough to stand out in the crowd. If you want a portfolio with a different angle, one that shows a timeline of your work rather than a listing then this looks like a pretty neat way to go about it.

To keep the sci-fi fans mentioned in previous posts up to date, here is an example of a timeline: A brief history of Cyberpunk media and literature. Hopefully this keeps you all sane throughout the mid-semester assessment period.

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