That thing you forgot about

The National Broadband Network is currently being rolled out across Australia and will be available in three potential forms:

  1. Fibre – A Fibre optic cable laid either in the ground or installed via overhead lines. Also currently trialling ‘fibre to the node’ and ‘Fibre to the Basement’, details of which are yet to be released.
  2. Fixed Wireless – For when NBN can’t be connected in less densely populated areas. The fibre optic cable will run to a local transmission tower and then to an antenna fitted to the roof of your house.
  3. Satellite – Broadcast to a satellite and then delivered via satellite to a service dish on your roof. This option is not yet available.

It now appears that sooner or later we will all have to take the leap of faith and commit.

So here is an optimistic reminder of the claimed benefits of the NBN:

Benefits for home: Greater ability to work from home, smoother video conferencing, everyone in a home can be online at the same time on multiple devices, greater access to entertainment (music, video, games, news, sport, international), future generations will have easier access to education, faster transfer of documents and information.

Benefits for business: Efficient access to cloud based services, better video conferencing, improving of online experience for customers, widespread availability of fast and reliable broadband could allow for more flexible working, greater connectivity to markets, great connection regardless of location, ability to share resources.

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