Edward Snowden: to jail or not to jail

Hero or villain? Patriot or traitor? Julian Assange or Edward Snowden? are you a member of the government or not?

Yes, we’re talking about ‘that guy’ Edward Snowden and whether or not he should be in jail. Now, if you think he should be jailed chances are you’re already sitting on one side of the fence as opposed to picking a side after assessing the facts. I’m not naming names but from personal research of advocates and opponents the advocates appear to be more ‘well researched’. Critics aside even some case history reveals contradictions within the prosecution of past ‘information leakers’. Take a look for yourself, do some more research, and here’s a little of what I found:


Josh Barro

Richard Clarke 


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Glenn Greenwald

I’m off to do some more information gathering myself….

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